Brush & Yard Waste

Charlton County Brush & Yard Waste Pickup

Charlton County has restructured its schedule for the pick-up of yard debris and man-made debris from the road sides of unincorporated Charlton County. Our goal is to ensure that residents know the estimated pickup day in order to have debris removed quicker from the County's roadsides. (Note: Regular household garbage continues to be picked up by Advance Disposal. If you have questions regarding your regular household trash can, please call Sarah Reynolds at (912) 496-3826.

  • The County Truck route is separated into zones that follow our County Commissioner's districts. Yard debris and man-made debris are collected based on the zone you live in. Each zone is completed before moving onto the next one.
  • Please contact the Road/Public Works Department (912) 496-4321 to find out an estimated pickup day for your area. Our intent is to give you a specific day of pickup but exact days cannot be guaranteed since the volume of debris varies from week to week.

The following are the County's rules for debri pickup due to landfill regulations: 

1. Yard debris must be separated from man-made debris. We cannot pick up anything not separated.

  • Yard debris include trees, leaves, and limbs.
  • Man-made debris include old furniture, plastic, water hoses, toys, swing sets, ladders, mattresses, patio sets, treated and untreated lumber.

2. We only pick up yard or man-made debris from residences. We do not pick up debris from any business. Commercial businesses must make separate arrangements with commercial garbage companies.

3. We cannot pick up yard debris as a result of lot/land clearing, development, or major landscaping activities. The maximum size pile is 5 cubic yards. Amounts of debris larger than this must be disposed of by the resident/owner/developer through other means.

4. We cannot pick up any man-made debris as a result of any major construction or demolition. The maximum size pile is 5 cubic yards. New construction or remodeling by contractors cannot be accepted. Licensed contractors are responsible for the removal and disposal from their work sites.

5. We cannot pick up metal goods. (Freezers, refrigerators, washers, & dryers) Metal items can be disposed at commercial locations that accept metal. Contact the Charlton County Chamber of Commerce (912) 496-2536 for local businesses that accept metal.

6. The County no longer picks up in the City of Homeland.

Brief District Description

  • District 1- Commissioner Benefield: Old Bethune area, Thomas Camp, Pinehurst, & Settler's Village
  • District 2- Commissioner Everett: Dixie Lake, Highway 40 to The Skating Rink
  • District 3- Commissioner Crews: St. George, GA Bend, & Moniac
  • District 4- Commissioner Pollock: Homeland, Trader's Hill, Paxton Road area, Sardis Community, Partial Uptonville, & Old Dixie Highway
  • District 5- Commissioner Gowen: Winokur, Racepond, Camp Pinckney, & Partial Uptonville

To make arrangements for a pickup, call: 912-496-4321.

City of Folkston Yard & Miscellaneous Trash Pickup

Visit the Garbage, Trash, and Recycling page or call 912-496-2563 for more information.

City of Homeland Trash Pickup

For information, call: 912-496-7332.